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Spring Hill And Louisburg Schools

Spring Hill United School District 230

Spring Hill School District encompasses three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, as well as the Insight School of Kansas—the state’s tuition-free online public school. Even as a small district, serving 3,000 students, Spring Hill has demonstrated again and again its commitment to excellence by setting high standards for its students and offering unparalleled support so students can reach their goals.

Highest Quality Teachers

Spring Hill School District is unique in how it prepares its teachers to be as inspiring and innovative as possible. All new Spring Hill teachers complete a 40-hour induction program through the New Teacher Academy, which means teachers have a greater understanding of the bigger picture in Spring Hill academics, and a greater sense of community. Spring Hill employs only the highest quality educators, with the average teaching experience at fifteen years. Moreover, 70% of the district’s faculty have earned advanced degrees, which means Spring Hill educators are great motivators for students looking toward advanced degrees themselves.

Innovation and Dedication with Real Results

Spring Hill School District is no stranger to student success, which just goes to show that something very good is happening in Spring Hill. For eight years in a row, all schools in the district have met or surpassed Adequate Yearly Progress benchmarks. Moreover, the district has earned twenty-four Standards of Excellence, which are only given to districts with exceptional academic success. Also, Spring Hill School District is a leader in combining education with community service—a cherished aspect of the Spring Hill Curriculum. In turn, Spring Hill School District has been recognized as one of two Kansas Service Learning Leader Schools for its approach to bridging the gap between classroom learning and solutions to real-world problems.

Seamless Integration of Technology

Spring Hill School District understands how integral technology is to modern life. Instead of fighting the waves of change, Spring Hill has embraced technology as an invaluable resource, equipping classrooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, digital video broadcasting, and 1,500 computers with internet access. Spring Hill has also partnered with the Insight School of Kansas, the state’s on-line, virtual school, which offers personalized education in a medium that better allows students to work at their own pace. With 120 standard classes and fourteen advanced placement classes, the Insight School of Kansas is a viable alternative to traditional education, while remaining part of the Spring Hill education community.

Louisburg United School District 416

Located in eastern Miami County, Louisburg School District operates two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Serving a population of 1,700 K-12 students, Louisburg School District may be small, but you will be hard-pressed to find a district more highly committed to quality education. The district’s advanced classes prepare students for the rigors of college, and offer unparalleled personal support that gives them a platform of stability and hope as they look toward their futures. In addition to its focus on solid academics, Louisburg also emphasizes personal fulfillment—with distinguished programs in art and music that give students opportunity to be creative.

An Approach to Education with Proven Results

Louisburg School District is home to students and schools that have been recognized for academic excellence. Recently, Louisburg High School was awarded a Blue Ribbon, signifying its outstanding academic achievement. Additionally, the teachers of Louisburg School District are regularly singled out for their ability to motivate and challenge their students toward greater degrees of success. Louisburg School District has had several nominees and recipients for the Kansas Teacher of the Year Award. Several new teachers in Louisburg School District have also been awarded the New Horizon Award—an award for teachers who have proven their excellence in their first year of teaching.

Valuing Transparency and Open Communication

One unique aspect of Louisburg School District is the sense of community it offers to students, teachers, and parents. Through online resources, such as Parent Portal and Pawprint Online, parents can be more involved in their child’s education, and students can be more informed about the resources and events in their schools. Louisburg School District instills the importance of communication and transparency so that families are empowered to know what is going on and provide feedback, thus playing a more active role in the education process. 

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