Overland Park

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Overland Park has roots backs to 1905 when the community was founded by William Strang Jr.  He had envisioned a well planned community that had strong commerce, quality education, great neighborhoods & more.  Mr Strang was a man who had completed several neighborhoods, an interurban railroad and more.  Overland Park incorportated back in 1960 with a a popluation of over 28,000.  The city has grown to over 177,000 (as of July 2010). It is the second most populated city in the state of Kansas and covers about 75 sq miles. It contains a third of the population of Johnson County.

Overland Park is a very popular city in part because of its the beautiful surroundings and convenience. Overland Park is known for its progressive city government, active arts commission, excellent schools, great shopping and area parks. Overland Park has won many national rankings among the 20 best places to live and work in the country.

Overland Park is a unique blend of metropolitan amenities and suburban hospitality packaged in a fresh, contemporary setting.  It is located less than 15 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Overland Park offers an abundance of attractions including over 250 restaurants, great shopping, theatres and more than 80 public parks, a incredible convention center, state of the art soccer complex, a fantastic arboretum, contemporary art museum, several golf courses, 2 community centers & much more!  It's a delighted surprise of what this area has to offer! Plus the housing costs are so affordable compared to many areas of the country!

Overland Park has more than 35 fine hotels and are conveniently located near major highways, allowing easy access to the Kansas City metro area.


Oak Park Mall, an indoor mall, offers many great stores like Nordstroms, Macy's, Dillards, Barnes & Noble & many others. Historic downtown area is full of acitivities.  It has a lively farmers market that people can't resist!  A Clock Tower summer series concerts & abundant of businesses which include coffee shops, restaurants, bird feed stores & many others!   There is the 119 St & Metcalf cooridor. From Bed, Bath & Beyond, to New Balance Shoes, to Featherstone Home Decorating, to Costco & Target.  So a wide variety of stores - from local flair to the large chain type stores.


The main areas where restaurants are located are: Oak Park Mall, 95th Street and Metcalf and 119th Street and Metcalf, 135 St & 69 Hwy.  119 Street hosts several restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, Johnny Bar & Grill, Joy Luck & many others.  Oak Park Mall hosts Houilhans, a Rain Forest Cafe, Mimi's and many others. The 95th and Metcalf has Jack Stack Barbeque, Macaroni Grill, Red Robin and nearby Cinzetti’s All You Can Eat Italian Feast plus many others!  There is a great selection of places and pricing! From the local flair of tastes to the nationwide chains!


Overland Park homes sits in 2 awesome school districts: The Blue Valley & Shawnee Mission schools besides home to many private schools both elementary & high school.area

Farmers Market

Overland Park has 2 local farmers market for the local area residents. The historic downtown area and the Blue Valley Rec Complex.  Make sure you stop by and enjoy the locally grown products!  It's a great way to support our area growers!!  I can taste those tomatoes!!

Summer Fun

The area is teeming wth a variety of activities. Of course there are the parks where there is an abundant of trails, ball fields etc. Of course there is Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun that has over 40 rides and 13 pools for an all day fun and many summer concerts in the evenings. Check out the summer schedule!  Of course - Overland Park has a multitude of golf courses - both public and private!  Don't forget we have the Jazz in the Woods coming up in June at Corporate Woods!  The jazz concerts benefit many of those from the local charities!  It's just another fun activity in Overland Park! Plus if you're looking for some time with the family biking or taking an evening walk- there are many hiking and biking trails in the area! 

Winter Storm Operations

Here's the webpages of Overland Park snow plows as they work to plow and treat streets as a severe snowstorm approaches by using the interactive Winter Storm Operations Map on the city's website.  There is also a map of from the traffic signals so that you can view the street conditions of over 100 cameras in the city!  Plus on the map it reviews of road closures, storm conditions, report issues and more!  It's a pretty comprehensive page!


You'll find the area to be a diverse of style of homes.  From the older homes built on larger lots, to the homes of the split levels of the 1960-1980's, to the modern open floor plan with lots of windows and natural light, now to the energy efficient.  So there is a home for everyone here!  We have all the homes for sale in Overland Park here. You can make your own search criteria and save it to get weekly or daily updates. Plus as a convenient of ease, we have some predefined searches to help you get started! So whatever your flair - you have choices of homes in Overland Park!  We have much information on the market conditions, comparable market information, home staging to sell your home, statisitics, and so much more!


Johnson County has 18 communities within it's border.  We have information on the other communities in the area.

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