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Stilwell has a rich history that dates back to when Quantrell Raiders had come thru the area prior to running to Lawrence.  Many of the family generations are still residing in Stilwell - so they can easily talk about the history and stories of the Aubry township area.

Currently comprised mostly of homes located on larger lots or acreage, Stilwell is a rapidly-developing southern suburb of Johnson County. Its population has grown 34% in the last 10 years and it is quickly becoming a more suburban community.  Stilwell has a population of around 8,000, but significant growth is expected to continue as the demand for more suburban housing in Johnson County increases. This has created an attractive land and real estate market in Stilwell and the surrounding areas.

The average income per household in Stilwell is just under $80,000 and homes for sale in Stilwell can be found at variety of price ranges.  There’s a selection of homes based on price range to acreage:   Whether you want a 1500+ sq home on one acre to 2500-3000 sq homes on 1-3 acresto estate homes on 3 acres or much more!

Stilwell is located in the Blue valley school district.  It is known for it's quality education! Blue Valley is one of the best school districts in the state let alone the nation!

Stilwell, KS

Beyond the financial benefits of Stilwell real estate, the town is particularly attractive for those looking to live in a more rural setting with a sense of community.  Each year – the Stilwell Community Organization helps bring the community together for its 4th of July parade and one of the area’s largest fireworks display.  You’ll find the local fire department involved, the Stilwell Elementary school involved, boy scouts, girl scouts, residents and many others to come out for the evening of fun and camaraderie.  In addition, the Stilwell schools are part of the Blue Valley school district, which has strong parent reviews and class sizes averaging fewer than 20 students. 

All told, with a continuing influx of residents, high graduation rates and, Stillwell real estate is a market on the move.

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