Items Needed For Making A Loan Application

Your lender will want to put together a complete picture of your financial situation in order to quickly approve and close your mortgage loan.  Some or all of the following items are needed to prepare and underwrite your loan application.  By bringing this information with you to your loan application you can expedite the entire process! The items can be emailed, faxed or given to the loan officer.  Be sure you ask many questions - so that you understand fully!  We want you to have a positive experience when buying your next home.


  • Employment addresses for 2 full years
  • Gross monthly income and recent pay stub
  • Copies of W-2’s for the last “2” years
  • Proof of child support or alimony “paid” or “received”
  • If Self Employed: Federal tax return for the past 2 years plus current year profit and loss statement with balance sheet
  • Proof of income from rentals, investments etc
  • Proof of pensions, social security, disability, retirement information
  • Bring your government drivers license or ID


  • Creditors name, address and type of account (i.e.: credit cards, installment loans, student loans, etc.)
  • Account numbers with monthly payments and approximate balances
  • Current name of lender on home, landlords, and phone numbers


    • Name and address’ of savings and checking accounts
    • Account numbers for “all” accounts
    • Type of accounts and present balances and copies of last “3” monthly statements


    •  If selling a home, a copy of the sales contract
    •  Proof of assets in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, land,life insurance cash value
    •  Veterans should furnish Certificate of Eligibility & Separation Papers (DD214)
    •  Make and value of vehicles
    •  Cash or check to pay for credit report and appraisal & other other application fees

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