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Louisburg is located in Miami county, Kansas, twenty five minutes south of Overland Park. In its early days during the 1860’s, Louisburg was little more than a small community of homes, shops, churches and a railroad stop. Originally it was called “Little St. Louis.” But, in 1872 the name was changed to Louisburg in order to quell any confusion with St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, Louisburg’s population has grown to about 4,315. But it’s still a place where regional history is preserved and knowing your neighbors is valued. Between its small-town appeal and the picturesque backdrop of rolling hills, babbling streams, and prairie lands, there are plenty of reasons to relocate to Louisburg.

Dining and Shopping

Louisburg might be a small town, but it’s not without an attractive array of dining options. Whether you are looking for the down home flavors of Timber Creek Bar and Grill, the Tex-Mex flare of Santa Fe South, or the familiar throwback to the sock-hop era at Sonic Drive-In, just about everyone’s palate is in for a treat in Louisburg.  Louisburg has a number of one-of-a-kind boutiques and specialty stores, as well as national retailers, like Wal-Mart and Alco.

Parks and Recreation

Louisburg has a variety of outdoor recreation options. Ron Weers Park has many amenities including a large fishing lake, walking trails, and playground, as well as the “Little Round House,” a Louisburg historic landmark nestled in the southwest corner of the park. At Lewis and Young Park you can find soccer and baseball fields, wooded trails, BBQ grills, a fishing lake, and playground. The historic City Park, a local favorite, is a popular spot for summer concerts and group gatherings. The Louisburg Aquatic Center is a great place for families and lap swimmers alike. for an affordable price - gives you access to the pool all day.


The inquisitive spirit is a point of pride in Louisburg. Whether it’s experiencing important pieces of the region’s history, learning about an endangered species, or exploring the great beyond of space, relocating to Louisburg means becoming a part of a community that values curiosity and education for all ages. Experience a piece of history by following the Frontier Military Scenic Byway. Originally constructed between 1838 and 1844, it has been designated a historical route and passes right through Louisburg. Get up close and personal with tigers at the Cedar Cove Feline Conservatory, whose mission is to educate the public and help preserve endangered large cats. Get lost in the fervor for deep space at the Powell Observatory, home of one of the largest telescopes open to the public in the region. Operated by the Astronomical Society of Kansas City, the Powell Observatory was built in Louisburg because the incredible clear night sky here provides optimal viewing of stars and planets.  It's a favorite of many of the areas star gazers!

Schools, Hospitals and Transportation

Louisburg United School District 416 operates five schools in the Louisburg area, with a K-12 population estimated at 1,700. With a mission of providing a wide range of programs for a diverse student body, it is no surprise that students consistently score exceptionally well on national and state assessments.

Located less than twenty minutes away, the Miami County Medical Center has been serving Louisburg residents for over five decades. Providing state of the art, 24-hour emergency room care, and specialists for everything from general surgery to podiatry, the Miami County Medical Center has also been nationally recognized for exemplary patient satisfaction by HealthStream Research.

Situated where Hwy 69 bisects Hwy 68, Louisburg real estate benefits from its central location and easy access to major roads—ideal for those commuting to work in other cities. As a small, neighborhood-minded town, many residents enjoy walking or driving without worrying about rush hour traffic or congested roads. For those occasions you need to get out of town, the Kansas City International Airport is only an hour north of Louisburg, providing flights to major airports all over the world.

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