Our Beloved Pets - Our 4 legged members...

Our pets are integral members of our family--we understand that. They enrich our lives with their warmth, companionship & love. But the buyers don’t know your pet as you do! And the pets don’t understand why people are entering their home. Some people are petrified, and others are allergic.

Things to consider:

During showings of a home, pets can be a potential distraction to the buyers and possibly problematic. With a little advance planning, you can help ensure a successful showing. Your beloved pets move with you after closing - but buyers that have allergies can automatically eliminate your home if they are adverse to pets. Consider containing the pets during showings to avoid any unintended mishaps. Possible arrangements for your pet during showings include a kennel, doggie daycare, garage area, or backyard if weather permits. Our goal is to show your home without distractions or worry--such as a barking dog or cat prone to escape. Please make sure your pets are up to date on their vaccinations!

  • Vacuum and clean kitty litter regularly!! As family members, as current occupants of the home can become accustom to pet odors. Have friend or family member not living in the home, do a sniff test.
  • Put pet toys in a basket and put up a note "Please Don't Pet" animal if contained. We don't want them to be startled which could lead to an unfortunate situation to happen!
  • If you have a cat that needs access to a particular room or area, consider having a doorstop available so that kitty doesn't get shut out by accident. Post a note—Please Don’t Close Door--to alert visitors to be vigilant.

Simple precautions can prevent mishaps and heart ache, and keep your beloved pet safe during showings.

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