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The Shawnee Mission School District truly believes in its motto: Guiding students to success. In return, the district has a lot to show for this belief, including a nationally recognized reputation for success. Recently, Expansion Management Magazine gave the district a Gold Medal rating, placing Shawnee Mission in the top 4% of school districts nationwide.

Dedicated Educators

With average classroom experience at more than 14 years, Shawnee Mission District teachers not only love their work as educators, but inspire, challenge and motivate their students to reach their full potential. Teachers within the Shawnee Mission School District have regularly received recognition for their compassion and innovation. Some of the prestigious awards given to Shawnee Mission teachers include the Kansas Board of Education’s Teacher of the Year Award, the Kansas Horizon Award, and the Governor’s Arts Award.

Exceptional Record of Academic Excellence

With a graduation rate of nearly 92%, it is no surprise that the Shawnee Mission School District has accumulated many noteworthy academic achievements. Consider the fact that as average scores for Advanced Placement tests have risen, so has the number of students participating in Advanced Placement classes. In fact, this past year The College Board named 235 Shawnee Mission District students as Advanced Placement Scholars for their exceptional AP test scores. This is a clear indication that Shawnee Mission District schools not only encourage students to reach their full potential, but provide excellent guidance and academic support for them to do so. 

Shawnee Mission District students consistently meet and exceed the annual targets of the Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) Kansas assessments. This past year, in reading, 90% of all students scored at standard or higher, and more than one third have scored at the exemplary level for the past three years. In math, 89.7% of all students scored at standard or higher, with more than one third scoring at the exemplary level for the past three years. In science, 91.8% of all students scored at standard or higher, and in social studies, 89.7% of all students scored at standard or higher.

Moreover, 80% of Shawnee Mission schools achieved a Standard of Excellence in reading, as well as math, and 60% received a Standard of Excellence in science. In fact, fourteen Shawnee Mission District schools have received Standard of Excellence designations in both reading and math for six years in a row, a feat that most school districts can’t boast. 

The Shawnee Mission School District further distinguishes itself from the pack with the several specialized programs it offers to students. These specialized programs include: Biotechnology, International Studies, Legal Studies, Biomedical Health Science, and Pre-medical Health Science. These specialized programs are unique to the Shawnee Mission School District, just one more way that Shawnee Mission District students are provided with academic resources above and beyond the norm.

A Tradition of Well-Rounded Education

While the Shawnee Mission School District is dedicated to preparing students academically, it is also dedicated to cultivating a well-rounded educational experience for students, which includes programs and activities designed to motivate and inspire students outside of the classroom. Whether it be writing for the school newspaper, like Shawnee Mission East’s The Harbinger, cooking a four-course meal in the district’s culinary arts program, or competing on one of the many state and regional champion sports teams, Shawnee Mission School District has something for every student to be passionate about, while preparing them for the kinds of group dynamics and challenges they will face in college and the workplace. 

Guiding students to success is the motto; come see how the Shawnee Mission School District can make the motto a reality for your child.

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