Preparing The Home For A Showing

Preparing Your Home for a Showing:  Tips to Keep in Mind

Now that you have finished the Staging Process - ready to show your home! Tips to have you finalize prior to the showing!

  • Turn all lights and lamps on. A bright home will look larger. Save electricity by putting lights on timers & using LED light bulbs.
  • Open all curtains and blinds.
  • Turn on soft easy listening music. (May be on TV)
  • Close toilet seat lids.
  • Hide wastebaskets in a cabinet or closet. If visual, be sure it is empty.
  • Close garage doors and leave driveway or carport free of vehicles.
  • Leave the house so the buyers have time to fall in love with the house.
  • put kids toys in closets or baskets


  • 2/3rd full shows adequate and room for growth
  • Leave as much visual floor space as possible
  • Remaining items should be organized
  • Linens should only be in linen closet


  • Hide sight and smell evidence (including pet bowls)
  • Ideally pets should be out of house during showings
  • Make sure the yard is clean from the pet - buyers do walk around the yard


  • Remove all toiletry items and soap from showers
  • Hide trash cans
  • Hang decorative new or like new towels on rods


  • Remove all items from counter except one decorative collection on windowsills
  • clean off refrigerators of magnets, kids art, to do lists, etc

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