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Most people can complete the sentence, "When in Rome...", but what happens when the idea of Roman villas travels to the United States? The original villas were large expanses of land in the Roman countryside. These areas often were self-sufficient plots of land containing a luxurious home, farmland, vineyards, and much more. They were homes for the Roman elite and then often transferred to the church and were used as monasteries after the fall of the Roman Republic.

That same luxurious notion still exists in American villas today. While sometimes characterized by dramatically pointed gables, that is not always the case in modern villas. The term refers more to the size and construction of the home rather than the architectural style, so modern villas can be found in numerous styles. The modern term can still be used to refer to a countryside vacation home, but it can also be used for a suburban dwelling. What the two do have in common is the quality with which they are built, the high-end materials chosen, and the extravagant nature of the home and land surrounding it. While they probably won't contain the farmland and vineyards popular in Rome, the villas for sale in Overland Park still exhibit the same luxury noted in their ancient counterparts.

Also referred to as a patio home, the modern day villas that can be found in Overland Park are sometimes only one level, or they might have the master bedroom located on the main level. These homes are often called carriage homes in other part of the country. Their style and construction is notably different than other types of houses, such as townhomes or condominiums. Boasting many wonderful amenities, the communities that have villas for sale in Overland Park offer luxurious surroundings nestled in a beautiful location.

Regularly rated in the top ten of CNN's 100 Best Places to Live in the United States, Overland Park is a suburban city located near Kansas City. Founded by William B. Strang Jr. in 1905, Overland Park has become everything that Mr. Strang dreamed it would be. His vision included an area that would offer tremendous opportunities to its residents. He believed that Overland Park could be a premiere planned community with excellent schools, convenient transportation, and numerous recreational opportunities.

As a center of commerce, it is easy to understand why so many people are interested in calling Overland Park home. Sprint Nextel and Prescription Solutions are two of the top employers. The thriving economy and an unemployment rate that is well below the national average combine to help explain the growth in population. With 173,372 residents, Overland Park is the second largest city in Kansas, located just behind Wichita. They have experienced an 18% growth in population in the past decade.

Overland Park has several wonderful subdivisions that provide plenty of housing options. From villas for sale in Overland Park to townhomes, condominiums, and apartments, buyers have a tremendous amount of choice. As a place where metropolitan amenities and suburban living unite, it is easy to understand why Overland Park has become such a popular choice for people moving into the area

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