Musical Season In Johnson County High Schools

2014 High School Musical Seasons begins...

Anyone who has ever been involved in any way in a high school drama production has to enjoy this time of year!  Whether you were involved behind the scenes in the production and direction crew, or whether you held the lead part or were in the supporting cast or singers and dancers, you have to cherish fond memories of hours of memorizing lines or lyrics and working on choreography, coupled with those endless evenings of rehearsals and then going home to face the books and homework.  Dress rehearsal when everyone felt pretty sure it would never come together was always so stressful……..and then, the night of the production arrived and everything went off without a hitch! Even if there were a couple of small mistakes, everyone seemed to rise to the occasion and carry on superbly! What an entirely wonderful occasion! Even if you have never been  involved except to be in the audience enjoying the fruits of all the actors’ labor,  you know how much fun these musicals are and how very talented the kids prove to be each year..

That wonderful, magical time of year is here once again, and each of the major high schools in the metro area has an offering.  The Johnson County School Districts - Big 3 Districts – Olathe, Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley - offerings appear below.  Generally, tickets range between $8 and $10.  What an entertainment value for those living in Johnson County properties! It's a fun evening to see those kids work so hard to put together a very cool event!  For further details on tickets, times of presentation at the local high school website.   Here's a quick snapshot! 

Blue Valley High Schools:

1) Blue Valley School 

             Musical:  “Guys and Dolls”             Feb. 6th ,7th, &  8th at 7:30 pm         *PAC 

Admission:  $8.00                              Feb 8th, 2:00pm Matinee

    Ticket information: 913-239-4800 or online at Blue Valley High School website


2. Blue Valley North-

            Musical:  “Young Frankenstein”     Jan.30-Feb 1,7:00pm each night     *PAC

Admission:  $8.00

      Ticket information:  online at Blue Valley North website


3. Blue Valley Northwest-

            Musical:  “Curtains”             Feb. 20,21,and 22nd at 7:00pm        *PAC

            Admission: $8.00

     Ticket information:  913-3400 or online at Blue Valley Northwest website


  1. 4.      Blue Valley Southwest-

Musical:  “Thoroughly Modern Millie” Feb 20-22, 7:30pm each night   *PAC

Admission:  $8.00                                      Feb. 22, 2:00pm matinee

        Ticket information:  624-2000 of online at Blue Valley Southwest website


5.  Blue Valley West-

            Musical:  “Grease”                              Feb. 20-22nd at 7pm                          *PAC

            Admission $8.00

       Ticket information:  Go online at the Blue Valley West website


*PAC is the Performing Arts Center



1. Shawnee Mission East-

            Musical:  “Shrek, The Musical”      Feb 13-15th at 7:00pm              Auditorium 

            Admission:  $10 for adults, children under 7 are $5

            Ticket Information:  Call 913-993-6600 or purchase at the box office       


2.Shawnee Mission North-

            Musical:  “Spamelot”                        Feb 13th & 14th at 7:00pm        Auditorium

            Admission:  $10 adults, $5 children under 7

            Ticket Information: Call 913-993-6900, or purchase at the box office


3. Shawnee Mission West-

            Musical:  “The Wizard of Oz”         Jan 30-Feb 1  at 7:00pm          Auditorium

            Admission:  Adults $10, children under 7, $5

            Ticket information:  Call 913-993-7800 or purchase at the box office


4. Shawnee Mission South-

            Musical:  “Peter Pan”                       Feb. 19-22nd at 7:30pm            Auditorium

            Admission:  Adult, $10      Children under 7, $5

            Ticket information:  Call913-993-7500 or purchase at the box office

 5.      Shawnee Mission Northwest-

Play:  (Not a Musical)  “Crimes of the Heart”

                                                            Feb. 20-22nd at 7:00pm           Auditorium             $8.00 adults, $7.00 children under 7

            Ticket information:  call 913-993-7200 or purchase at the box office



1.Olathe East-

            Musical:  “Beauty and the Beast”    Jan 30- Feb 1at 7:30pm           Auditorium

                                                                        Feb 1, 2:00pm Matinee

                        Admission:  Adults - $9.00, Students - $7.00

                        Ticket Information:  Call 913-780-7120 or purchase at box office



You may also purchase “Be Our Guest” tickets for Friday and Saturday evening  performances, which entitle you to a dinner theater experience.  Prior to the evening performace, dinner with the characters begins at 6:00pm in the commons area, which has been amazingly transformed into a small French Village!  Dinner will be provided by the Olive Garden.  What a treat for any young child!!!!


You may also participate in “Tea with Belle” FREE  before the Saturday afternoon performance.  Tea is also in the commons area, from 12:30 – 1:30 pm prior to the matinee at 2:00pm. Belle will be there to enjoy tea with the children.  Don’t miss these special opportunities to make the most of this wonderful musical performance!


2.Olathe North-

            Musical:  “Shrek”                 Feb 6th,7th,8th at 7:30pm                    Auditorium

                        Admission:  $8.00

                        Tickets Information: Call 913-780-7140, or purchase at the Box Office


3.Olathe Northwest-

            Musical season for this high school is in the Fall during November


4.Olathe South-

            Musical season for this high school is in the Fall during November

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