Home Staging Recommendations

These are a few tips to service as suggestions when getting your home ready to show! 


Showing Reminders:

  • turn all lights and lamps on.  A bright home will look larger.  Save electricity by putting lamps on LED bulbs
  • Open all curtains and blinds
  • turn on soft easy listening music
  • close all toilet lids
  • hide wastebaskets in a cabinet or closet.  If visual - make sure it is empty!
  • Close garage doors and leave driveway or carport free of vehicles
  • leave the house so the buyers have time to fall in love with your home
  • be sure the temperature is comfortable throughout the entire home: winter & summer!
  • leave them 2/3's full - shows adequate and room for growth
  • leave as much visual floor space as possible
  • remaining items should be organized according to color and similar shapes/content
  • hide sight and smell evidence
  • hide pet bowls & toys
  • ideally pets should be out of house during showings
  • Hang decorative new towels on rods as shown when we discussed staging
  • clean regularly!  
  • clean sinks, mirrors after each use
  • close toilet lids
  • remove all items from counters except one decorative colltion in corner
  • remove everything from refrigerator
  • don't have towels hanging from stove, refrigerator or dishwasher
  • clean the front of all applainces regularly!
Hearth Room:
  • put all magazines and newspapers away or discard.  Out of sight
  • have accent pillows on couch or love seat
Entrance area:
  • move any coat rack to garage area - out of sight!
  • have small decorative rug at entrance.  

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