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Nestled in the heart of Johnson County, Kansas, the suburban city of Leawood is an area that is "Growing with Distinction". First settled by Oscar G. Lee in 1922, the city of Leawood was incorporated in 1948. Since that time, Leawood has been growing at an amazing rate. With a population of 31,867 residents, the city has grown by 18% in the last decade. With beautiful tree-lined streets, gorgeous homes, and bountiful amenities, it is easy to understand why people are eager to call Leawood home.

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American Villa-Style Homes

Many people might wonder where the American villa-style home came from, and ask how the idea of Roman villas traveled to the United States. Originally, villas were large plantations of land in the Roman countryside. They were most often self-sufficient areas of farmland with a large, plantation-type home, and were intended for the Roman elite of the day.

Today, in our own modern country, we can still experience that same luxurious notion. Now, however, the concept of a villa refers more to the size and construction of the home and therefore, many villas can be found in various architectural styles. Although today’s meaning of the term ‘villa’ can still be used in reference to a countryside vacation home, it usually describes a suburban dwelling instead. Regardless of the outward style of the home, one thing that a buyer can count on is the quality with which they are built, the high-end materials that are often chosen, and the beautiful nature of the home and land surrounding it. The villas for sale in Leawood, Kansas still exhibit much of the same luxury noted in their ancient counterparts.

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Leawood has an unemployment rate that is well below the national average. With employers such as CBiZ, Weight Watchers, and Hy-Vee, the area's job growth is positive.

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Leawood has become increasingly well-known for its upper scale developments and retail spaces. Also well-known for their excellent schools, upscale shopping, and plentiful dining establishments, Leawood is a city that was well planned and continues to be attractive to home buyers.

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Ranked #9 as one of the Best U.S. Cities for Seniors 2011, Leawood also boasts a shorter commute time. The close proximity to the Kansas City Metro area make it easy to understand why the villas for sale in Leawood are so sought after.

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