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Blue Valley School District Real Estate

Blue Valley School District located just south of I-435 located in southeastern Johnson County, in the heart of the Kansas City metropolitan area. As part of a vibrant, diverse region, Blue Valley reaps the benefits of belonging to a community that really values education. With the motto Education Beyond Expectation, you can be sure that Blue Valley will more than meet the needs of your child.

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A Commitment to Exceptional Opportunities

The teachers and administrators of Blue Valley understand the ingredients necessary for not only academic excellence, but personal excellence as well. Blue Valley doesn’t just want students to meet educational benchmarks, but to truly be exceptional. In order to do so, Blue Valley provides a number of special programs that allow students to reach their full potential and be successful beyond the classroom. Whether it’s hands-on environmental education at the district's Wilderness Science Center or participation in a sport or musical endeavor, your child will have many opportunities to explore his or her passions and talents, all the while growing as a student and person.

Blue Valley understands the positive role that technology plays in the classroom and in the real world. Blue Valley’s Information Technology Services Department ensures that students and teachers have access to the most current technology systems and comprehensive training to match.

Blue Valley also understands that a quality education is most beneficial when students have access to resources and information about how to use learning. For this reason, Blue Valley is increasing its focus on college and career readiness, an especially important factor in this challenging economic climate. 

A Reputation for Extraordinary Academic Success

You don’t have to look much further than the Kansas State Assessments to see that Blue Valley is special. Consider that recently 97.2% of Blue Valley students scored proficient or higher on the reading assessment, and 96.2% scored proficient or higher on the math assessment. Moreover, 56% had exemplary scores in reading, and 51.8% had exemplary scores in math. Add to this the fact that Blue Valley is the only district of its size in the nation to meet Adequate Yearly Progress requirements (AYP) for eight consecutive years.

Blue Valley's 2011 high school graduates earned the highest ACT composite score among Kansas City metropolitan area school districts, exceeding both state and national averages. This demonstrates that Blue Valley students leave the district more than prepared for life after high school, giving them the competitive edge they’ll need in college and the job market.

A Proven Strategy of Personalized Education

With over 20,000 students attending its thirty-four schools, the most impressive aspect of Blue Valley is its commitment to personalizing education for every single student. This means that teachers focus on student’s individual needs, rather than group benchmarks. Even assessments have been tailored to maximize individual student progress. After considerable examination, Blue Valley replaced the traditional Iowa Tests (ITBS and ITED) with the more comprehensive and teacher-friendly Measures of Academic Progress, or MAP. MAP is a computerized assessment that adapts to student’s abilities, accurately measuring what a child knows and needs to learn. MAP tests are easier for teachers to use in order to measure individual student’s academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age, so they can then make appropriate adjustments in the classroom to meet student’s needs.

Since its commitment to personalized student learning in 2005, Blue Valley has seen significant increases in its already stellar district report card. Check out this animated graph, which illustrates how effective Blue Valley’s strategy really is—just one of the many reasons why choosing Blue Valley School District is a sound investment in your child’s education and future.

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