Welcome to Overland Park, Leawood & Kansas City Metro

Welcome to Overland Park, Leawood & Kansas City Metro

I think you wil be delightfully surprised to find what the Kansas City and suburbs have to offer!  One of the reoccurring comments we get all the time is "Kansas City is one of the Best Kept Secrets around!"  We agree completely!   Our area is filled with awesome school districts, a variety of employers, terrific park system in Johnson County, cultural arts, professional & minor sport teams and more!  We understand any move is an upheaval to everyone in the family!  We've been there!

Kansas City - We've put up a few photos of the area so that you can take a quick view of our wonderful city! We have much to offer! Great professional sports, fabulous cultural arts, the symphony, lyric opera and the Kansas City ballet, dinner playhouses, NASCAR track, history galore, fabulous shopping, a quality of life style and more! You'll be surprised by the beauty and amenities that are here in Kansas City!

Kansas City area has many wonderful secrets!! One of them is one of the best art museums the Nelson Atkins Museum, it has one of the finest Asian collections, a highly acclaimed Kansas City Repertory Theatre, miles of lush boulevards, more fountains than Rome, Italy, a superb symphony - KC Symphony,  an excellent ballet - KC Ballet, elegant mansions, superb choices of schools, with a quality of lifestyle that is wonderful. Don't be surprised when people who live here look you in the eye when they say 'Good Morning' even though you are not acquainted.

Moving here, you'll need to be a sport enthusiast. We have two professional sport teams, Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs, with incredible stadiums. We also have the Wizards, which is our soccer team! Now, Nascar has arrived - with the Kansas Speedway! If you're into the minor league baseball, we even have The Kansas City T-Bones. That's an evening of fun for the whole family!!

Housing is as varied as everything else! You have the urban areas of those converted warehouse apartment lofts in Kansas City to the sprawling suburban lifestyle of homes for sale in Overland Park, KS and Leawood, KS area. Most are amazed at the amount of home size & quality that can be purchased here compared to most larger cities or coastal areas. The suburban areas are made up of mainly newer type of construction to the approx 50 year old homes. Unless you go to brand new homes, the area isn't densely treed, but we have many of the areas that are treed lined streets & many neighborhood pools.

Our weather has a definite four seasons--everything from a mild and inviting spring to autumn days that are glorious! Our warm sunny summers are great for gardeners and people who love the outdoors, and the occasional winters snows are fun for the kids and winter sports enthusiasts.

Kansas City has many quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs with an easy commute. Both private and public institutions offer schedules that are flexible. There are choices for everyone, for the technical side there's DeVry Institute, Kansas City Art Institute, University of Kansas Regents Center, University of Missouri . Kansas City, and many others!


Schools: We can boast to have some of the nationally known best schools. Blue Valley & Shawnee Mission districts. Take a few minutes to visit the information on them! We have links in our school   section to each of the districts.

Newcomers are prone to call us the City of Surprises! And it's for good reason! We've noted for combined stability and growth, comfortable lifestyle, low unemployment, affordable cost of living, nationally recognized schools, flourishing suburbs, lots of parks, and green areas, which boasts that few other cities can offer.

Our Heritage: Trappers and fur traders who used it as a boat landing on the Missouri River first settled the area. You can still find signs of the livestock heritage. Near the river is the 150-year-old City Market area, which still flourishes today. Kansas City is still home to Kansas City Board of Trade, one of the largest indoor grain and commodities trading markets in the world.  

Attractions: We have plenty! Choices from theme parks, casinos,museums, professional sports, parks galore--there's plenty of choices for everyone. Jazz is still alive and well here! We have our Annual Jazz in the Woods Festival in Overland Park. You.ll also find several little clubs in the Westport (Kansas City) and 18th and Vine Jazz District. For generations, the people have enjoyed the music and theatre .under the stars, at Starlight Theatre, which is in Swope Park. In the fall, we have our annual Renaissance Festival and smaller ethnic neighborhood festivals. One of our newest attractions, which opened in 1999, was the 100+ year-old renovated Union Station. Inside is the Science City, a hands-on museum plus several dining areas.

Dining: Well, it's just comes to a matter of choice. You'll find juicy steaks, fabulous barbecue, and an assortment of all-American and 'best of the basics' experiences!

We shine on shopping here! Our exclusive Country Club Plaza includes many world-class stores! Hawthorne Town Center & Town Center in Leawood, KS is one of  the shopping addition that has many of the upscale stores!  Of course, we have all the indoor malls for those who prefer to be under one roof.

As you can see, our area is full of those surprises! Come and take a peek at our terrific community and we think you'll feel the same! You'll be calling this home too!
We have many additional links available on the Kansas City, Overland Park area. Don't forget to check it out!  We bring you the highlights, Homes for Sale in Overland Park & Kansas City, information on area, Kansas City Real Estate Blog, listen to our podcast on market conditions, and more!

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